Distributed Catalog 2018-2019

Kind Bar, Dark Chocolate Almond Mint 303554, 12/1.4oz

Kind Bar, Dark Chocolate Mocha Almond 303552, 12/1.4oz

Kind Bar Maple Pecan & Sea Salt 303551, 12/1.4oz

Kind Bar, Dark Chocolate Almond & Coconut 303553, 12/1.4oz

Kind Bar Vanilla Almond 303670, 12/1.4oz

Kind Bar Almond & Apricot 303500, 12/1.4oz

Kind Bar, Blueberry Vanilla Cashew 303675, 12/1.4oz

Kind Bar Almond & Coconut 303490, 12/1.4oz

Kind Bar, Caramel Almond & Sea Salt 303685, 12/1.4oz

KIND Breakfast Protein Bar, Almond Butter, 303787, 8/1.7oz

Kind Bar, Dark Chocolate

Nuts and Sea Salt 303680, 12/1.4oz

KIND Breakfast Protein Bar, Dark Chocolate Cocoa, 303788, 8/1.7oz

Kind Protein Crunchy Peanut Butter 303789 12/1.76oz

Kind Protein Double Dark Chocolate Nut 303790 12/1.76oz

Kind Protein Toasted Carmel Nut 303791 12/1.76oz

Kind Plus Bar, Pomegranate, Blueberry, Pistachio 303520, 12/1.4oz

Kind Plus Bar, Dark Chocolate, Cherry Cashew 303530, 12/1.4oz

Kind Plus Bar, Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate 303560, 12/1.4oz

Kind Plus Bar Cranberry & Almond 303330, 12/1.4oz


JIMMYBAR! Eye of theTiger, Caramel,

JIMMYBAR! Chocolate Peanut Butter 302786, 12/2.05oz

JIMMYBAR! WokeAF, Dark Chocolate

JIMMYBAR! Beauty,White ChocolateBerryBliss 302789, 12/1.9oz

Chocolate, Peanut 302788, 12/2.12oz

Cookies &Cream 302784, 12/2.05oz

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