2023 Tropical Catalog - New


3 Musketeers 534342, 36/1.92oz bar

Almond Joy 533251, 36/1.61oz bar

Baby Ruth 531662, 24/1.9oz bar

Baby Ruth, King Size 531655, 18/3.7oz bar

Butterfinger 531692, 36/1.9oz bar

Butterfinger, King Size 531790, 18/3.7oz bar

Caramello 533262, 20/1.6oz bar

Heath Bar Original 533285, 18/1.4oz bar

Hershey’s Bar, Cookies & Cream 533271, 36/1.55oz bar

Hershey’s Bar Milk 533161, 36/1.55oz bar

Hershey’s Bar, Milk King Size 533153, 18/2.6oz bar

Hershey’s Bar, Milk Almond 533141, 36/1.45oz bar

Hershey’s Bar, Milk Almond King Size 533110, 18ct bar

Junior Mints 530670, 24/1.84oz box

Kit Kat 533291, 36/1.5oz bar

Kit Kat, King Size 533290, 24/3oz bar

M&Ms, Caramel 534301, 24/1.41oz bag

M&Ms, Caramel King Size 534310, 24/2.83oz bag

M&Ms, Peanut 534201, 48/1.74oz bag

M&Ms, Peanut King Size 534210, 24/3.14oz bag


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