2023 Tropical Catalog - New


R/S = Roasted & Salted

RNS = Roasted, NO Salt

Organic Almonds, Raw 110060, 10lb bulk

Natural Almonds, Raw 110435, Carmel, 50lb bulk 110005, Supreme, 50lb bulk 110000, Supreme, 25lb bulk

Natural Almonds, Sliced 110700, 25lb bulk

Natural Almonds, Roasted 110010, R/S, 25lb bulk 110020, R/NS, 25lb bulk

Hickory Smoked Almonds 113000, 25lb bulk

Honey Roasted Almonds 113100, 25lb bulk

Tamari Almonds 113150, 25lb bulk

Blanched Almonds, Raw 110900, 25lb bulk

Tamari is a mild soy sauce flavor

Blanched Almonds, Slivered 111100, 25lb bulk 111101, 10lb bulk

Blanched Almonds, Sliced 111000, 25lb bulk 111001, 10lb bulk

Almonds, Medium, Diced

Brazil Nuts 180204, 44lb bulk 180201, 11lb bulk

111500, Raw, 25lb bulk 111520, R/NS, 25lb bulk 111540, Dry Roasted, 25lb bulk (Granulated Pieces for Almond Butter, 22/8 cut)

Cashew Splits 120610, R/S, 25lb bulk

Cashew Pieces, Large 120710, R/S, 25lb bulk 120720, R/NS, 25lb bulk

Cashews, Whole (240 count) 120210, R/S, 25lb bulk

Cashews, Whole Medium (320 count) 120306, Raw, 50lb bulk 120300, Raw, 25lb bulk 120310, R/S, 25lb bulk 120320, R/NS, 25lb bulk

Hazelnuts (Filberts) Natural, Extra Large 180500, 25lb bulk

Wasabi Soy Sauce Cashews 120360, 25lb bulk

Hazelnuts (Filberts) Blanched, Extra Large 180555, 55lb bulk

Macadamias, Style 1 (60% Whole) 181100, Raw, 25lb bulk


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