2023 Tropical Catalog - New


Buffalo NutsĀ® 130240, bulk, 10lb bulk

Butter Toffee Peanuts 130810, 25lb bulk

Butter Toasted Peanuts (Ale Nuts) 130802, 25lb bulk

Butter Toffee Peanuts 13034, 25lb bulk A TGF Product

Blanched Peanuts 130210, R/S, 25lb bulk 130220, R/NS, 25lb bulk

Honey Roasted Peanuts 131820, 25lb bulk

Kettle Cooked Peanuts, R/S 130270, 25lb bulk

Redskin Peanuts 130300, Raw, 25lb bulk 130310, R/S, 25lb bulk

Spanish Peanuts 130405, Raw, 25lb bulk

Granulated Peanuts 130600, 30lb bulk

Pecan Halves, Jr. Mammoth Raw 140100, 30lb bulk 140101, 10lb bulk

Pecan Halves 140160, R/S, 25lb bulk 140170, R/NS, 25lb bulk

Pecan Pieces, Medium Fancy 140200, 30lb bulk 140201, 10lb bulk

Bourbon Praline Pecans 140550, 15lb bulk

Cinnamon Pecans 140560, 15lb bulk

Praline Pecans 14013-10, 10lb bulk

Pine Nuts (Pignolias) 181501, 11lb bulk 181505, 55lb bulk

Pistachios, Shelled (80%Whole) 182550, Raw, 25lb bulk 182561, R/S, 10lb bulk 182571, R/NS, 10lb bulk

Pistachios US #1 (21-25 Count) 182150, 25lb bulk

Organic Walnuts 183155, 10lb bulk


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